How Do You Seek God?

By Larry Fayer


I regularly get questions from those seeking to know God more completely.  They ask, “How do l know what God wants me to do?” or “There are so many different teachings about God, how do I know which is the right one?”  Because of these questions, I have decided to share some thoughts on this subject.

First, ask yourself, “What am I looking for?”  Some may be trying to be like or please someone they love, or are dating or perhaps a family member. My hope for you is that you are honestly looking at a personal level to get to know who God is and what he wants from you.  You need to think about with whom your allegiances lie because, if your allegiance is to something outside yourself other than God, your answers may be colored by what that person thinks rather than by an unbiased search for God. 

If you want to know what the God of the Bible has to say, you need to be open to its Writer since he inspired it. An open heart is the key.  The Bible says that when Lydia’s heart was opened, she was able to pay attention to what Paul was saying and obeyed the teaching (Acts 16:14-15).

My next piece of advice is that you should be willing to listen to what others have to say, but keep studying the one place where you will find correct answers. The Bible tells about a group of “noble” seekers.  They listened to what they were being taught but examined the Scriptures daily to make sure that what they were being told was true according to the Scriptures (Acts 17:11).  Looking carefully to the Bible is the best advice I can give you.

As you seek the right answers, you need to find a church that will help you in your search for truth.  There are lots of kinds of churches out there.  Some are going to stay true to what their denomination teaches.  If their confessional says it, they are going to practice it.  Others will stay true to what their leader has said.  Unfortunately, they are placing their trust in a human being whether that is the local leader of their church or someone who is off on another continent who claims to be infallible.  I would encourage you to look for a preacher and church that believes the Word of God is infallible and is trying in every way to follow the Bible.  In its preaching, you should find the Scriptures at the center.  In their discussions, they should be talking about what the Bible says, whatever the subject.  The important thing is that the Bible is always the standard by which everything else is measured.  When you find a church and preacher like that, it can help you in your search.

So, if you are a seeker, I would encourage you to consider your reasons, be open to God, compare everything you hear or are taught with what the Bible says and find a church that will help you on your search.  May God bless your efforts.

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