We like to share websites that we have found helpful with you.  Here are some we use.  Our disclaimer is that we do not control any of these sites and thus, we can not control their contents.  In some cases we may see things somewhat differently than they do.  So while we encourage you to visit these sites, we do not guarentee their contents in any way.  Use them at your own risk!  If you have other suggestions, please email them to us at

Does God Exist?

This site offers a significant amount of material on the subject of "Does God Exist?" It is run by a former atheist, John Clayton, who shares his thoughts and research on the compatibility of science and the Scriptures.

This site offers information through sermons, articles and Bible studies.  I believe it is well worth your time to investigate the site.

Christian Classics Ethereal Library

If you go to this site and click on the "Browse" button, you will find an amazing list of books allowing you to research a lot of Christian literature including the early church fathers.

Revised Standard Version Bible

Personally, I love the Revised Standard Bible.  It was replaced by the New Revised Standard Version which I do not like nearly as well.  It is about impossible to find hard copies of it today since it is basically out of print.  However, you can go to this site and read it online.

World Bible School

This site offers Bible classes over the Internet.  You may want to check them out.

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